Event - Walnut Hills Panel

Wed Nov 06 2019 11:00:00 - Wed Nov 06 2019 12:00:00 at 427 ERC




Chris Schalk

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Class of 2021

Co-ops: KBA Architects, TECT Power, Cincinnati Incorporated

Thomas Dzierzak


Class of 2020

Co-ops: FirstBuild, GE Appliances

Emily Schneider

Mechanical Engineering

Class of 2020

Co-ops: 5 rotations at L’Oreal

Stephen Comarata

Computer Engineering

Class of 2021

Co-ops: Siemens PLM Software

Hannah Beals

Computer Engineering

Class of 2023

Co-ops: Protege Summer Research Program

Aaron Moore

Aerospace Engineering

Class of 2021

Co-ops: Gulfstream Aerospace, TECT Aerospace