Event - Way Finding for OH (not a tour)

Fri Sep 30 2022 2:00 PM - Fri Sep 30 2022 3:00 PM at 650 Baldwin Hall


Runima Banerjee

Chemical Engineering

Class of 2023

Co-ops: UC College of Medicine, GE Aviation, Amplicore, Cincinnati Children's (SURF)

Anusha Chitranshi

Computer Science

Class of 2024

Co-ops: CERN

Cara Baah-Binney

Mechanical Engineering

Class of 2025

Co-ops: Siemens DISW

Emily Smith

Chemical Engineering

Class of 2025

Co-ops: Dow Chemical, MANE, Inc.

Ashton Wasson

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Class of 2026

Co-ops: Hoosier Gasket Corporation