Event - Tuesday Tour

Tue Sep 24 2019 11:30:00 - Tue Sep 24 2019 12:30:00 at 427 ERC


Sean Kane

Electrical Engineering

Class of 2020

Co-ops: UrbanLoop Brabois, Nancy, France; Duke Energy; Idaho National Laboratory

Chris Schalk

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Class of 2021

Co-ops: KBA Architects, TECT Power, Cincinnati Incorporated

Matthew Demangeont

Chemical Engineering

Class of 2023

Liz Tremblay

Computer Science

Class of 2023

Co-ops: 84.51

Amy Perry

Biomedical Engineering

Class of 2022

Co-ops: Zimmer Biomet, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Jay Wilson

Mechanical Engineering

Class of 2023

Beau Becker

Electrical Engineering

Class of 2021

Co-ops: Chongqing University, Chongqing China | Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cleveland Ohio | Bosch, Reutlingen Germany

Kaitlin Macfarlane

Aerospace Engineering

Class of 2021

Co-ops: Barnes Aerospace